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Issue 12

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Welcome, its time for issue 12 the last of the season. Its almost a year since we launched the newsletter, which has been a great success, with over 15,000 readers every issue. We hope you enjoy it.

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1 Hardware Guide


Changing the look of your computer Part 2 - The Keyboard and Mouse


Blue Backlite Keyboard

Do you work in the dark a lot, have a PC in a bedroom, pub, club, restaurant, somewhere with minimal light or do you want to impress your friends, then this is for you. 

Many styles are available pictured above and below are just a few. Believe it or not changing the keyboard and mouse can make your computer look something special, making you the envy of all your friends and family.

Blue Backlite KeyboardEluminx Black KeyboardEluminx Silver Keyboard

The above keyboards can be bought from in the UK

The above mouse can be bought from here 

Multimedia Illuminated Keyboard (Black)Crystal Neon Optical MouseMultimedia Illuminated Keyboard (Silver)

The keyboards and mouse pictured above here can be bought in the USA from 

Changing your keyboard and mouse is a very visible change which can improve the look of your computer. It will also impress your friends and family and depending on what you buy may improve the functionality of your PC by adding customizable keys to your computer.

So upgrade you will not regret it.


2 Tips & Tricks


Compressing Files

Need to send files by email, want to make room on your hard drive, then why not compress your files.

In XP it is very easy to do this, simply select the files you wish to compress, (you can individually select by holding the CTRL key and clicking on the files you wish to compress) right click, select SEND TO and the click on COMPRESSED FOLDER.

You will now have a new file in the folder from which you compressed the files. You can now use it as you please.



3  Buyers Guide


Buying a new mouse, then what should you look for ? This month we will look at the options.

Mice : The few things you should look for in mice are the option to use it in both USB and PS2. Most good manufactured mice will have both options. 

  • The amount of buttons you require (more than 2 buttons gives you the option to assign extra tasks to these , e.g. launch word, internet explorer etc)

  • A scroller is essential

  • Also you should buy an optical mouse (Red light instead of a roller ball), as this reduces the amount of cleaning and enhances the mouse control.

  • Another option you should consider is if you would prefer a trackball (A mouse where the movement is controlled by a ball on top rather than below, this is especially good for laptop external mice)

Buying a new mouse can be an important decision, remember that when using your computer, what is in your hand almost 100% of the time. You mouse. So buy one that is comfortable to you, and with as many options as possible. 


4 Game Preview


Soldiers: Heroes of World War II 

Make the Guns of Navarone look like a walk in the park with Soldiers: Heroes of World War II

If you're a fan of wartime-based combat games and want more than the staid 'trial & error' nature of the genre so far, stand by to have your preconceptions blasted to kingdom come when Soldiers: Heroes of World War II, with its daring missions, explodes onto the PC this June.

With an exciting mix of third-person, action-packed missions set in realistic, fully-destructible environments, Soldiers: Heroes of World War II improves upon the 'select and direct' control method by enabling gamers to take full control of each member of their crack squad of commandos. And there's no single "correct" way of completing mission objectives. Missions are always against the odds, so bold decisions and reckless heroics are the order of the day.

In one mission, you're briefed to take out a lighthouse to prevent it giving your position away. Do you tackle it with stealth, swimming quietly to the shore and using your knife to remove any enemy presence before you find a way to sabotage the lights? Or commandeer a boat and use its torpedoes to clear a path towards a massive artillery gun, and then use that to bring the lighthouse crashing down. But there's a third – maybe even a fourth, or fifth – way to do it too. Later on in the same campaign, your mission is to steal an enemy plane. But how best to do it? Get your thinking caps on and steel yourself for some heroics.

Soldiers: Heroes of World War II not only dispenses with the "do it our way or fail" prescription for game play, but actually rewards gamers taking the initiative.

The obvious way is not necessarily the most likely to succeed but it's almost always the most likely to attract attention! Look around, consider your options carefully, and very often there's a smarter tactic waiting for you to put it to use in a cunning plan. And every time you play, the enemy AI will react to what you do, not a pre-determined script, putting you right at the centre of the action. If you go loud, so will they, and your life has just become a whole lot harder!

Every item in the game is modelled precisely on its real-world counterpart, from faithful firing characteristics of weaponry and accurate ballistics for the ammunition to operating requirements for tanks and full damage physics modelling on all the buildings.

Developed by Ukrainian company Best Way, Soldiers: Heroes of World War II will beach-land with a bang when it's published by Codemasters this June, exclusively for PC. Sign up for duty at


  • The thrills of a 3D shooter with the depth of a real-time strategy game.

  • 'Direct Control' mechanic, so you can jump right into the thick of the action

  • Freedom to complete missions though different tactics, use anything in the game world – commandeer enemy ordinance, weapons and ammo

  • Advanced AI: enemies will use formations, covering and ambush tactics

  • More than 30 missions, huge array of vehicles and weapons .

  • Fully destructible environment. Everything can be fully, or partially, destroyed.

  • Multiplayer: LAN and online (up to 16 players), co-op or adversarial.


5 Virus & email Warnings


Worm Viruses


Not again I hear you all say, but yes I am going to mention the dreaded worm viruses, netsky, blaster, welchia, to name but a few. The reason I am bringing this up again is simple, I am receiving dozens of mails a day from people with this lovely array of viruses attached.

Why do people not have virus checkers ? why are you not updating your virus checker ? These are very important questions you should be asking your self.

So I will give you a very quick guide to keep yourself clean.

  • Get a good virus program, and update it every week.

  • Use a firewall and keep it updated.

  • Download all the latest Microsoft product updates.

Its simple, viruses slow down your computer, slows down internet browsing, and worst of all they send itself  to all your friends and family. So if you find yourself in trouble then try using the following links.

Virus removal tools : (very useful for getting rid of these pesky threats) 

Free online detection and removal : 

Virus information and latest threats : 

Free Anti-Virus Software (AVG) (SOLO) (Norton) (McAfee)


6 News


Maria’s new lifestyle: Short story about the benefits shopping on the Net has given to a dedicated artist.


 I’ve got this strange friend; her name is Maria. Maria’s always been a little weird but now things have gotten unworldly altogether. You see, Maria’s an artist; she’s into sculpture in particular, of which she specializes in the manipulation of Perspex with a blowtorch. Lately I haven’t seen too much of her as she’s hooked up the Internet. Actually not many people at all have seen her recently; she says she’s working on a big project.

Now that she’s got the Internet she reckons she can focus a lot more on her work without distractions. She doesn’t ‘waste’ time doing grocery shopping anymore. Now she orders all her food and household items. She says if she’s extremely busy, her weekly list is saved into the computer, and she just clicks on ‘order’ and the usual stuff is delivered to her door every week. No more driving, parking, searching for stuff, standing in line, dealing with bored and under slept cashiers. I’m starting to think it’s not such a bad idea. Maria is pretty proud. She’s now organizing for a local greengrocer to deliver her fruit and vegetables too.

Maria has always had a ‘thing’ for Donald Duck. On the Net she’s found all these rare collectable dealers like Ebay. When she’s not warping Perspex into postmodern configurations representing the need for a more spiritual existence, she’s thriving in the consumerist world of finding and bidding for Donald Duck comic books from the 1950’s. Last I heard a friend said she’s actually starting to look like a duck herself!

All this Internet shopping is pretty new to me, it sounds like it really could help a lot of people out. However for recluse artists it could be the final straw for friends and family who may never see their buddies again! Nah, its cool-I just hope Maria’s new project isn’t a giant Perspex Donald Duck. I don’t think the world needs any more Donald Ducks!

I just got back from Maria’s place. You’re not going to believe what I saw. She was actually having a party, and I wasn’t invited. Maybe she thinks I’m boring compared to her new friends. She says she met them on the Internet, a whole bunch of people into Donald Duck! One guy was actually dressed up like Yosemite Sam-gun belt and all! It seems I’m the odd one out.

Before I left her place she showed me her new sculpture. I underestimated her newfound love. It’s a giant computer; inside it is filled with the heads of all her friends (me included). Of course none of us had human mouths, smiling duck beaks adorned all the heads, a definite sign of the Internet’s powerful influence, and of the collective warping of today’s society!

Jesse S. Somer is a human hoping to show his fellow Earth citizens the beautiful opportunities the Internet is making available for all our lives.


7  Updates


Office 2000 service packs


Is your office up to date, I doubt it, a lot of bugs, and security problems are fixed in these updates. At the moment service pack 3 is available for Office 2000, but you can't just install the service pack 3, you must have service pack 1 first. To download service pack1 click on the link below. 

  • Updates for the various Office 2000 programs, including Microsoft Word, Outlook®, Access, Excel, PowerPoint®, FrontPage®*, and Publisher
  • Security updates, including the Excel 2000 SYLK file security updates and the Worm.Explore.Zip (Pack) Virus Alert, and the ODBC Vulnerability Update
  • Office 2000 system-level components that are updated to Windows® 2000 system levels

Once you have installed service pack 1, go to the link below below and download and install service pack 3. 

You can also download individual updates from the link below :

Add-ins can be downloaded from this link :

If you are having problems converting office 2003 files or want Quickbook files etc on your system then click on this link :

Well we hope that's enough to keep you and your Office 2000 package happy, and working for the next few years.


8  Conclusion


Well that's it for this season, next issue will be issue 1 season 2, its hard to believe the newsletter has up and running for a year. So we hope to see you then.

Remember you can view issue 1 to 11 from that link :

Best Regards


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